About us

The Limelight Foundation is a division of the The Limelight Collection. The Limelight Collection is a group of businesses that have provided services to footballers for the last 17 years, whilst also being heavily involved with wildlife charities.

In that time, we have supported several conservation projects, both in the UK and abroad, witnessing first hand the devastating effect human actions are having on wildlife and the environment.

We have assembled a team of trustees to merge the worlds of wildlife and football enabling the world of football to help conservation projects globally.

Two of our trustees, myself and Sir Eric Peacock, also sit on the board of The Big Cat Sanctuary and The Zoological Society of Hertfordshire. They therefore understand the urgency and importance of helping to secure the future of countless species.

Giles Clark is an English conservationist and TV presenter who will be regularly visiting our partnered projects to help give them maximum exposure through his TV shows and also update our supporters on how the Limelight Foundation are using the money raised. Like Giles, Aaron Whitnall is also a conservationist who stars in the TV show One Zoo Three who having grown up living at the Zoological Society of Hertfordshire has wealth of knowledge and experience in conservation and has also worked in the field to help preserve the stability of the animals in question.

Please let us know if you would like to help support the Limelight Foundation or learn more about any of the projects that we support.

Matt Brady